Spinder ECO Nirvana motorloze koeborstel

ECO Nirvana: mortorless cow brush

The ECO-Nirvana stands for simplicity, functionality and cow comfort. A cow brush that reduces itching and stimulates blood circulation, providing wellness for your cows.

Fits anywhere; ideal for smaller groups

This angled, motorless cow brush can be mounted anywhere, making it also ideal for smaller groups of animals. Whether your cows are inside the barn or outside in the pasture, the ECO-Nirvana is always within easy reach. The brush can be easily mounted without the need for a nearby power point, making it ideal for locations where electricity is not readily available.

The comfort of motorless brushing

By using a specially developed rotation system, the brush can rotate in one direction. When the cow passes under the brush, the opposite direction is blocked, ensuring an optimal brushing effect. This simple but effective approach offers all the advantages of the regular Nirvana cow brush, without the need for an electric motor.

Comfort and reach

The ECO-Nirvana is not only practical, but also comfortable for the cow. Thanks to its shape and extra-long brush shaft, the brush can take care of hard-to-reach areas such as both the back and flank of the cow. This gives your animals a complete, refreshing brushing.

A durable choice

The ECO-Nirvana is a durable solution that provides comfort and well-being for your animals, both inside and outside the barn. An economic and 'green' choice that offers the quality and durability you are used to from Spinder.

  • Nylon borstel; blijft schoon en vervormt niet
  • Energiezuinig; motorloos
  • Economische keuze

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